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Green Heroes

Sampan Travel strives to be a responsible business with a social conscience, treading lightly and working in synergy with the communities, wildlife, and environment of this country. In this way, we hope to help Myanmar become not only a better place to visit, but also a better place to live.

And we are not the only ones.

Below we list a handful of other companies and organisations that like Sampan Travel are working to preserve and enhance the heritage and rich qualities of this country, whether it be environmentally, economically, or socially.

These are Myanmar’s Green Heroes.

We encourage everyone who comes to Myanmar to have a look at these organisations. Where possible, we will help facilitate engagement with these Green Heroes and provide a safe and secure channel to those who wish to make a donation or make contact to find out more information.

Helping Hands

Helping Hands Yangon

Set in the midst of Yangon’s Golden Valley, at Helping Hands young men chisel and whittle away at chairs, wardrobes and dining room tables, sitting cross-legged on the floor surrounded by sawdust and scraps of carvings.

Helping Hands was set up in the wake of Cyclone Nargis which hit Myanmar in 2009. The storm was the the worst in generations, claiming thousands of lives. Many of the men at Helping Hands are orphans from Nargis, taken in after the storm and trained as carpenters. Today, professional artisans now work alongside ex-street children, restoring old Burmese teak furniture back to life and creating new products.

A visit to Helping Hands - wandering through the workshops, dodging errant kittens on the floor, petting the three-legged dog ‘Tripod’ - is a lovely thing to do as part of your Yangon tour. Small items such as breadboards and spoons can be bought from the carpenters and inside the house visitors can purchase fabric as well as a selection of products from the weavers Flame Tree.

More information on Helping Hands can be found here. Please let us know if you would like a to visit Helping Hands to be included within your Yangon itinerary.

Inle Heritage Foundation


Inle Heritate House - Green Heroes - Sampan Travel

Inle Heritage Foundation is a not-for-profit organization working to preserve and enhance the culture of Inle Lake and the people who call it home. The organization was set up by people of Inle who are proud of the rich heritage of their region, and who want to ensure that their children and grandchildren grow up in the same surroundings.

Inle Heritage has set up a vocational training school to train students in the burgeoning hospitality sector. We know from direct experience that the graduates from this school are some of the most well-trained and diligent young things working in the Myanmar hospitality sector.

For visitors to the lake, Inle Heritage offers cookery classes in the famed Inthar cuisine and serves up ‘Grandma’s Inthar Cooking’ in the restaurant. These are recipes that have been handed down for generations, with all ingredients coming from around the lake.

Those searching for an even more immersive experience may wish to sleep on stilts in a house designed in traditional Inle fashion. These ten stilt houses are surrounded by good agriculture practices (GAP) gardens, which can be appreciated upon one’s personal terrace.

To see how we can incorporate a visit to Inle Heritage House, please write to us at enquiries@sampantravel.com.




LinkAge Restaurant Yangon Myanmar - Green Hero - Sampan Travel

LinkAge is a vocational training restaurant that trains marginalized youth – they are taken under the wing of the restaurant to be trained both in kitchen and service; additionally, LinkAge provides children and students with English language lessons, and education on personal health and finance.

Not only is LinkAge a great benefactor to Myanmar’s most vulnerable, it also serves some of the best food in Yangon. The restaurant is hidden away on Seik Kan Thar Street in the heart of Downtown Yangon. If you aren't looking for it, it is unlikely that you will find it. The menu serves up traditional Burmese and Southeast Asian inspired dishes, small and simple and utterly divine.

The atmosphere is free of pretension and ostentation: local artwork adorns the walls inducing the feeling that you are being entertained in someone's bright and cosy dining room.

To ensure that a trip to LinkAge is incorporated into your Yangon itinerary, get in touch at enquiries@sampantravel.com. For more information about how you can support LinkAge in addition to eating at the restaurant, please contact the coordinator Ma Khin at forever.hu.dev(at)gmail.com. You can also read the interview that Sampan Travel conducted with Ma Khin here.




myME Yangon Myanmar - Green Hero - Sampan Travel

When visiting a teashop in Myanmar travellers will likely be served by a young boy or teenager. It is an undesired necessity that many parents from poor villages in Myanmar must send their children off to work so they can support the family. More often than not, the family becomes dependent upon the child as the main breadwinner. The children work long hours and commonly sleep on the floor of the teashop.

At the forefront trying to tackle the cycle of poverty that these children become caught up in is the myME project.

myME’s vision is that every child in Myanmar has the right to access quality education - a critical step towards alleviating poverty and the abuses associated with child labour. In early 2014 myME began taking busses converted into mobile classrooms to two teashops in Yangon, offering evening classes to sixty of the boys working there.

Less than four years later, myME has expanded to serve almost three thousand students across the country. Now teaching not only in busses but also in the teashops themselves, the teachers of myME hold classes on basic literacy, maths and computer and internet skills as well as vocational training in a safe environment where the young workers can gain self-confidence and develop critical thinking skills through innovative, interactive instruction.

For more information, please visit the myME website.


Plan Bee

 Plan Bee Myanmar - Green Heroes - Sampan Travel

Plan Bee is a social enterprise introducing advanced beekeeper training in the nectar-rich regions of Southern Shan and Kayah States. Through honey, their intention is to empower and improve the livelihoods, nutrition and food security for thousands of vulnerable people.

Plan Bee has already trained more than 150 beekeepers and is providing them with the necessary training and support to become successful in their new businesses. 

The honey produced by the Plan Bee keepers is 100% pure and free from antibiotics and pesticides. Plan Bee promotes an awareness of the importance of bee colonies and pollination in the face of the harmful effects of modern agriculture.

Additionally, Plan Bee supports their beekeepers to develop bee-related micro enterprises and disseminate their produce throughout the country.  

Plan Bee products can be found throughout Myanmar and they have an education centre in Pindaya where visitors can learn about the bees and the process of producing honey.

Learn more about Plan Bee here.




Pomelo Shop Yangon Myanmar - Green Hero - Sampan Travel

Pomelo is a not-for-profit shop in Yangon, selling handicrafts from Myanmar polished towards a Western sensibility.

Pomelo works with individuals, families and disadvantaged groups throughout Yangon and its environs, discovering underground artisans and collaborating with them to design and create handicrafts for visitors in Myanmar.

Pomelo also provides their artisan partners with basic business training to enable them to upscale their business and improve the lives of themselves and their families. Pomelo products are top-quality, and all money made by the company goes back to the artisans, and their families and communities.

You can find more information about Pomelo here. If you would like to know how we can incorporate a visit to the shop into your Yangon itinerary, possibly with the chance of meeting some of those that work with or for Pomelo, please write to us at enquiries@sampantravel.com.




Sanon Restaurant Bagan Myanmar - Green Hero - Sampan Travel

Sanon is a restaurant in Bagan that trains disadvantaged youth of Myanmar in catering, hospitality and the F&B business in general.

With an open plan kitchen, guests at the sublime Sanon restaurant are able to watch the young cuisiniers hard at work. The food is superb, and the service not only sweet and obliging, but utterly professional. Indeed, for those not in the know, it would come as a surprise that the staff are actually ‘students’.

Sanon is a ‘not for profit’ organisation run under the banner of the Myanmar Youth Development Institute and any funds generated are reinvested back into this or other similar projects within Myanmar.

To find out how we can incorporate a visit to Sanon into a Myanmar itinerary, please write to us here - enquiries@sampantravel.com. You can watch a video by Sanon here and read about the time Sampan sat down in conversation with the directors of Sanon here.


Third Story Project


Third Story Project Yangon Myanmar - Green Hero - Sampan Travel

Third Story Project is a non-profit social enterprise creating books for Myanmar children in Burmese and other indigenous languages. Over 100 languages are spoken in Myanmar, and Third Story Project has created books in over 13 of them; in some cases printing in languages only spoken by small pocket communities in far-flung areas of the country.

The books, written and illustrated by local artists, cover a selection of key topics ranging from peace and tolerance to female empowerment and child rights.

The books are distributed to children and communities free of charge. But to do this they require your help! Let us know if you wish for us to help you meet the team behind Third Story Project while in Yangon. You can read our interview with Third Story Project here.


Voices for Momos


Voices for Momos Myanmar - Green Heroes - Sampan Travel

Voices for Momos is a campaign initiated in response to the crisis of elephant poaching in Myanmar. The campaign is made up of a coalition of organisations in Myanmar, including Fauna & Flora International, WCS, WWF, the Myanma Timber Enterprise, and the Myanmar Ministry of Environmental Conservation & Forestry.

While for a long time the main purpose of poaching elephants in Myanmar was for their tusks, elephant skin is now highly sought after and easier to sell on. This means that it is no longer elephant bulls that are under threat, but also elephants cows and calves. When cows and calves are under attack like this, the race to extinction is underway.

Voices for Momos aims to raise awareness about this crisis in Myanmar, and to urge tourists to look out for such products on sale in Myanmar markets. Far from just going over the border into China, elephant ivory and skin has been found in Boyyoke Aung San Market in Yangon and the Golden Rock of Mt Kyaikhtiyo.


Yangon Bakehouse


Yangon Bakehouse Myanmar - Green Heroes - Sampan Travel

Yangon Bakehouse is a non-profit social enterprise in Yangon, operating Empower Women, a 7 month apprenticeship programme for Myanmar women, and Empower Ability, a new programme providing skills for women with disabilities. Working under the vision that strong women make for a strong community, the Bakehouse combines meeting the demand for small batch, quality food and the need of strengthening women in Myanmar that are poverty-stricken and with few marketable skills in the workplace.

The Bakehouse training programme does not merely give women skills in the kitchen, but strives to empower them both economically and socially, providing courses in a variety of life skills such as personal finance, health, and English language. Over 120 students have now graduated from the programmes.

Beyond supporting the enterprise by dining at the cafe or utilizing the catering services, it is also possible to make a donation directly to the programme. For more information, please get in touch with the Bakehouse at giving@yangonbakehouse.com.